In Short

Lumosur – is a combination of two words in Esperanto – the most widely spoken constructed language in the world. Translated into English it means: “Lights On”.

This is a perfect description for our technology – we are creating an environment that allows all sorts of devices – lights, outlets, switches, sensors – to interact with each other: smart, secure and reliable.

More Details

Cars drive themselves. Aircraft find their own way. Air conditioners and heaters use sensor input to maintain a set temperature. Why do we need to toggle a switch or talk to some service  every time we want to control any of our lights or plugs?

In the Lumosur world, events, devices, sensors and other information can be linked to each other, control each other,  learn and train “ai” models to make the house truly “automated”.   We are developing a robust, smart  environment where spoken commands should be the exception – not the rule.  Everything is securely encrypted and has added protection against unauthorized manipulation.

Lumosur doesn’t require any Internet connection or cloud service to work. It doesn’t leak any data and protects the integrity of the private environment.


The Lumosur technology development team has created a number of awesome solutions to create a smart, secure and robust home automation environments.

We have already partnered with a a number of third parties who are utilizing parts of our technologies, such as battery powered sensors and switches, the “Scorpion” STT engine, voice recognition and presence detection, the easy to use but powerful Lumoscript language.

As most of our developments are based on the very low costs ESP8266 soc, there are no license fees and no special “requirements”. Sensors, switches or any other device can be created and deployed fast.

Contact us of you think the Lumosur technology can be helpful for your projects and/or products.


Lumosur is more than just innovative technology. It is proof that we don’t have to sacrifice our privacy for convenience.  Home automation needs to be flexible, easy to use, convenient,  expandable, smart, reliable, trustworthy and discreet.  And that is what we have been developing over the last years.

We are offering selected investors the opportunity to grow and to succeed with us.

Interested? Prototypes and in-depth documentation are available upon request.

Contact us for details.


Wireless – without a power cord

Home automation mostly depends on some form of wireless data transmissions. But what about a power cord? Can we run Lumosur switches, sensors or other types of devices on batteries?

Lumoscript – Link – Connect – Control

Lumosur is not designed to compete against Amazon, Google or even MyCroft. It never was.  We want to do one thing and one thing only – we want to create the smartest, toughest and most flexible home automation environment.  And with Lumoscript – our event driven scripting language, anyone can become a home automation virtuoso.